Dentistry Websites

Here are some of the pages and features that go into creating a dentistry website: testimonials, about us, team, before and after photos, services, contact page, social media, and more.

We know that it can be overwhelming to consider all of the options, and so we'll take much of that burden off of your shoulders. If you are interested in updating your dentistry website or building a new one we will help to make the process as simple as possible.

The examples below will illustrate some of the features that make a high quality dentistry website.

Homepage Example:


Goal-Oriented Pages

The homepage is one of the most important pages to consider.  It is usually where your site visitors arrive for the first time, and so we should make a good impression by using a goal-oriented approach to ensure that people trust the quality of the organization and understand its primary services.

Each section of the homepage should have the purpose of providing concise and important information as well as actions (such as buttons) which lead to other parts of the site.


Over 50% of visitors use their phones and tablets to visit your website which means that all of your font sizes, text boxes, images, and etc., need to change sizes and appear differently on large  monitors, tablet screens, and mobile phones.

Also, there should be a button on the website which allows people to make the font-size larger (you can see this button in the image).


The navigation menu at the top of the page needs to have enough options to allow for easy navigation while not creating too much clutter or confusion for the site visitor.

Text, Images, Videos, Space, and Color

A dentistry website doesn't need to be extremely unique or flamboyant in order to provide a pleasing experience for site visitors.

It needs to provide important information and options in a well organized and digestible way so that visitors of any type can find what they're looking for and get in contact with you.

A dentistry website should create an atmosphere of cleanliness, warmth, and professionalism. A good balance of text, images, videos, color, and space are what come together to produce rich webpages and leave your site visitors with a good overall impression of your organization.


The sidebar is a powerful tool.

It is helpful to provide a mini navigation menu for related pages. Also, by placing a contact form there we can allow the visitor the opportunity to take the most valuable action. Adding a video can also be a great way to communicate to the user as well since it is such a powerful medium.

The rest of the site is fleshed out using the same principles mentioned above and also though contributions from our clients. We want to make sure that the client gets to take part in the design and content creation process, and we hope to facilitate that process so that it is manageable and stress free!

Our Process


Discovery & Goals

Together, we'll meet to discuss goals and possibilities for your new or redesigned website.


Free Mockup & Proposal

Receive a free mockup within one week to get a "big picture" view of what your new site will look like. We'll review it together and propose our next steps.


Build Time!

After you approve the plan, we're ready to move forward. We'll start building and will soon be on our way to a finished website.


Delivery & Beyond

After your website goes live, you can rely on us for continual, expert support.

We are here for you.